Founded luxurious women lingerie "LEE" company on 1996, Promo Creator & Product Trainer.
Featured in Salon Tokyo 「大官山」 "Daikanyama" radio、 magazine  「私の部屋」"My Home" and 「きれい」
"Gorgeous".Hair Salon 「オルフィー」 "Orufi" Partnership. Event Organiser. Featured in 「女性自身」"Women Themselves",「デザイン」 "Design".


Provide Consultancy to Japanese people traveling abroad. Education, Housing and Daycare arrangements.


Founded 「Magical Cat」

We provide and exchange latest Information on modern medication and naturopathy through net and seminars. Our goal is to improve the development of health care by applying proven methods from medical, healthcare and heart care experts around the world. Seminars are conducted to provide latest information on natural remedies and modern medicine.

*Marvo Aroma school in Australia

*International Aromatherapy & Aromatic

*Medicine association in Australia.Japan and England[IAAMA]、Japan [WOA]

*Medical Aroma Director